How To Use Xbox 360 Controller On PC

xbox 360 controller on pc, xbox

The Xbox 360 Controller is one of the best controller for playing games. It is really smooth and fits perfect in your hands. The Xbox 360 Controller comes in wired and as well as wireless version. Nowadays, many PC games has the feature to play your favorite games using your Xbox 360 Controller instead of […]

How to Run Android Apps on Chrome [Ultimate Guide]

run Android apps on Chrome, Tips, Android APK

The ATT has shared many guides with you about playing and downloading Android apps on your PC by using different emulators. However, today you are going to learn that, “How to Run Android apps on Chrome?” You can run any game or app of Android on your Google Chrome without using any emulator. You are […]

Top 10 Best Free Messaging or SMS Apps for Android, iPhone and Windows

SMS Apps for Android, iPhone tricks, Top 10

Text messaging was a big surprise for the mobile phone producers of the world. Many of them did not even mention that their phone had an SMS function in their instruction manuals. Then came the Internet where instant messaging became popular, but social media such as Facebook destroyed most online chat rooms and instant messaging […]

How to Activate or Enable 2 Step Verification in Facebook in India

Enable 2 step verification, How to, Trick

As you know Google has taken utmost care of users by activating step 2 verification. Facebook also launched the two step verification before so many days to add a extra layer to the security to all it’s users but problem is this feature is not available in all countries. If you are one who want […]

How to Backup Contacts with NANDroid using CWN

Backup Contacts, Android, How to

Taking backup of the content on phone on right time is quite important and it saves people from many hassles. The NANROID backup is something which is related to backup of Android operating system from the NAND memory of the device. It is always suggested that user should take NAND backup of the phone even […]

How To Use Wii Remote On PC

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The Wii Remote is the controller designed for Nintendo Wii gaming console. The Wii Remote is widely famous for its motion sensors capabilities, which allows you to interact with the screen. The design of the Wii Remote is pretty cool and it fits perfectly in your hand. The battery of the Wii Remote is pretty […]