How to Update Adobe Flash Player On Mac OS X

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The Adobe Flash player is one of the most important applications which supports the multimedia tasks on PC. Additionally, it do saves our systems from different malwares. Adobe keeps on updating its flash player which brought some security changes too. Apple previously pre-install the adobe on Mac, but now it does not. So, we  have […]

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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The Social Media trends are going high nowadays, and it is being used for both personal and professional purposes. The bloggers are really availing much from it and getting some tremendous results for their blog. The most prime need which is required for the fame any blog is audience or traffic. Additionally, social media can […]

How to Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling on Smartphones

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The most awaited feature of Whatsapp has finally came and that is Whatsapp voice calling. There were users who were eager to avail this feature of Whatsapp and it has finally came. The latest voice calling feature has taken Whatsapp to another peak of success. The Whatsapp voice calling is not different from Viber, Skype, […]

Top 7 Smarter SEO Tips and Tricks to Rank Apps on Search Engines

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The Search Engine Optimization is prime aspect which is required to rank any stuffs on search engines. However, the SEO of content, apps and products are different from one another. You need to apply different sort tactics for different kinds. We have shared about the SEO of content many times and today we are going […]

How to Remove Password from PDF Files on Mac OS X

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The files are kept password protected in order to secure the information which is enclosed in them. Mostly, people password protect their PDF files in order to save their content from theft and want to make it inaccessible. However, in spite of being password protected, you can actually remove password from PDF files and that […]

Free Tools to Transfer/Share Files on LAN Fastly

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Are you Fed up with transferring files from one computer to another computer on same network?  Then this post is for you to help you to transfer your files very easily and very fast with in your computers on LAN. In this post we will show you few tools for transferring. You can choose any […]