How to Connect Camera or Camcorder to Mac

how to connect,Mac,transfer images

When people transfer their computer to Mac then initially they face a lot of troubles in establishing and using Mac. Since, Mac is little complicated system to handle and to use. So, the connecting of Camera and Camcorder is one of those complicated issues. Most of the new Mac users don’t know the method of […]

How to Locate my iPhone Using iCloud

locate my iphone, how to

You have bought a new iPhone and suddenly you lost or it has been theft. Furthermore, you could not find it after a long and a tiring search. Then you must be thinking that you have lost your iPhone, but actually, it is not like that. You can find and locate your iPhone with the […]

How to Update iOS Devices-[Update iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch]

how to update iOS,iPhone,iPad

Apple keep on updating its operating system for providing awesome and beautiful features. So, it is important for the iOS users that their device should be updated in order to avail the most latest features. When you don’t update your device then most of the apps or features of your get old and some get […]

How to Set and Change a Passcode on your iPhone

how to set,iphone passcode,Apple

Apple has introduced and included many features to make it completely secured for the users, passcode feature is one of them. Most of the people don’t know that, “how to set and change a passcode on your iPhone?” Therefore, I am going to share a tutorial that, “how to set and change a Passcode on […]

How to Turn Off Push Notifications on your iPhone and iPad

Turn off Push Notifications,iPhone,iPad

Push Notifications is one of the most famous features of iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). It gives you notifications of each upcoming events, gives you notifications about certain apps by displaying short messages. However, there are some drawbacks of having push notifications. It may becomes annoying sometimes as it gives you an alarmed notifications on […]

How to Download iOS 8 beta and Install it For iPhone and iPad

download iOS 8 beta,Apple

You all might be quiet aware with that news that iOS 8 download links are now available. You all can download iOS 8 and install it for your iPhone and iPad. However, some of you might be unaware with method of doing so. Therefore, I am sharing this tutorial which will teach you that, “How […]