How to Hide App Store and iTunes Purchases in iPhone [For iOS 8 Users]

iTunes purchases, App Store, How to

The iPhone users purchase too many apps and tools on App Store and iTunes and many of the users want to make it secret. Furthermore, Apple take care of their users concerns and privacy. That is why, they have included a feature in iOS 8 and 8.1 devices which allows you to Hide App store […]

How to Get Traffic By Submitting Posts to StumbleUpon

How to get traffic, StumbleUpon, Sumbit Site to StumbleUpon

The traffic is the only thing which is most desirable for any Blogger. We use to work hard just to get good amount of traffic on our websites. We have already shared some over viewed tips which has guided you that “How to Get traffic?’ There are many methods to be used to drive a […]

How to Improve Windows Phone Battery Life [Top 5 Ways]

Phone Battery Life, how to improve battery, Windows Phone

We have shared different methods with you guys to improve phone battery life of your Android, iPhone and iPhone 6. However, we have yet not shared top ways to improve Windows Phone Battery Life. So, today I am going to share a guide with you guys which will make you understand that, “how to improve […]

Top Time Management tips for Content Writing

Time Management, Content Writing Tips

Content writing has always been a kind of difficult and annoying job, when you are supposed to create a unique and quality content. I have seen many newbies, who could not manage to give proper time to content writing and take big gaps in publishing new articles. Furthermore, we know that frequent posting in blogging […]

How to Save Battery Life on iPhone or iPad [iOS 8 Devices]

How to save battery,iOS 8,iPhone

The battery issue for iOS 8 are roaming nowadays. Most of the people and users are complaining that their device’s battery don’t last for long time. So, friends we have gathered some tweaks which will make you learn that, “How to save battery life on iPhone or iPad which are integrated with iOS 8. Since, […]

How to Make Guardian/Head Of the Family In Family Sharing For iOS 8

Family Sharing, iOS 8, Parental Control

Family Sharing is going to be really awesome with its usage and benefits. However, we have discussed much about it. Now, another awesome trick related to Family Sharing is going to be revealed today by us. That is about making a guardian or head of the family in Family Sharing for your iOS 8 devices. […]