10 Lessons I learnt from a Cheating Partner which made me to Grow High & Big!

Hello, Everyone! It has been a long time that I wrote an article. Yes, it’s almost 20Months and Guess What? I’m back with a Bang. This time it is not any¬†article, but I am sharing my real life¬†Experience that happened last year in both personal and Professional life. Yes ! what you read in the […]

How to Remove Root Certificate from your iPhone

Root certificate can be somewhere a security threat to your personal information and in that situation you must remove root certificate from your iPhone. And, I think that most of you are not aware with the process of removing it; therefore, I am going to make you learn that how to remove root certificate from […]

How to Double IDM Download Speed on Windows 8 and 7

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is always been all time favorite download manager on internet. There are many users who are simply the die hard fan of this download manager due to its awesome compatibility and user-friendly interface. I am 100% sure that there would be many users who are still not satisfied with the downloading […]

How to Smartly Record 4K Videos on iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

As you all already know that iPhone 6s is in the market with some really awesome technological advancements. And, I am going to talk about all these advancements one by one. Previously, we talked about 3D Touch and today we are going to talk about 4K Video recording. So friends 4K videos are simply something […]

How to Save Google Maps for Offline Use

Do you want to reach somewhere where internet is not available? Then saving Google Maps option is really an smarter choice. Since, you can save the map and then refer it to reach out your position even the internet is not available there. As many of you already know that Google Maps uses your internet […]

How to Share Desktop Screen with Students/Friends using Skype

Do you want to share your desktop screen with your friends or students? Then Skype can help you in that. Yes, you read it right! Skype can really help you to share desktop screen of your computer with your friends or students. People, around the world, uses Skype for different personal and professional purposes. If […]

How To Make Wifi Hotspot On Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest installments to Windows OS. It has many features which are very much similar to Windows 7 including the Start Menu too. So far Windows 10 is doing very great and it has tons of new and useful features. Do you ever wanted to turn your Windows 10 PC into a […]