10 Lessons I learnt from a Cheating Partner which made me to Grow High & Big!

Vinay Goud

Hello, Everyone! It has been a long time that I wrote an article. Yes, it’s almost 20Months and Guess What? I’m back with a Bang. This time it is not any article, but I am sharing my real life Experience that happened last year in both personal and Professional life. Yes ! what you read in the […]

How to Make your Content Attractive for Readers [Creative Tips]

Creative Tips, Content Marketing

Are you heading to make your content attractive? Do you want to increase the readability of your content? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may follow this article of mine. As today I am going to share some of the unexpected tips which will help you to make your content attractive […]

How to Group chat on Facebook [Add Multiple Friends in Chatbox]

Group Chat, facebook,

Have you ever wished to chat with your all group friends altogether on your Facebook account? If you do then it is possible on Facebook as Facebook allows you to add multiple friends in chatbox of your Facebook account and I am going to tell you how of it. Facebook is one of the best […]

How to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook

Video Autoplay, Facebook,

Are you also experiencing that video Autoplay on your Facebook account? And I know it must annoying you as well as we don’t want see every video on our wall, so why to play all? Therefore, I am sharing a guide with you today which is going to help you to turn off auto playing of videos […]

How to Automate Responds to common Mails on Gmail [Reply Automatically]

How to Automate, Gmail.

Are you fed-up typing the same usual reply to common queries? Do you want to automate responds to your that common mails? Then now it is possible with the help of gmail and you would not need any kind of external system or heavy equipment for that as it can be solely done by Gmail. […]

How to Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4

downgrade iOS, iPhone, iOS

Are you also the one who is not satisfied with iOS 9 Beta version? Do you want to get back to iOS 8.4? Then today I am going to solve your that query. I know that there are many users who have upgraded to iOS 9 but now they want to get back to iOS […]

How to Show Only Active Apps on Mac OS X Dock

Active Apps, Mac,

Are you also the one who want to remove all inactive apps’ icon from your Mac’s Dock? If you are then today I am going to share an awesome guide with you which is going to make you learn to show active apps only on your Mac OS X Dock. I know it may seem […]