How To Reset Password On Your iPod Touch

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iPod Touch is basically an iOS device from Apple that allows you to listen music, watch videos, play games and also lets you take photos using its digital camera. The iPod Touch is very much similar to iPhone except it does have less features that you can find in an iPhone device. The best thing […]

How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper on Mac OS X

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The unchangeable things and stuffs which lasts for long time usually make us bored. Therefore, to live life completely we need to accept and make the changes. Talking about the changes, today we are going to make you brought the change on your Mac OS X too. Let me elaborate it more for you guys […]

How To Find Apple ID On Your iOS Device

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An Apple ID is basically an account that allows you to use Apple services, like iTunes, iCloud, iWork, PhotoStream, App Store and other services. Apple ID is very much crucial, especially when you spend most of the time online. Your Apple ID is an all in one account that you can use to access all […]

How To Backup Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch To iCloud Manually

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As we all know that, iCloud is basically a cloud storage service from Apple that allows its users to store any┬ádata like music, videos, photos, documents and other important data to cloud servers so that users can download and access them just in case if their iOS device is┬ástolen or lost. Nowadays every iOS device […]

How To Enable Siri On Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

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Siri is basically an application for your iOS devices that allows you to navigate and also helps you to perform different tasks like schedule meetings, do phone calls, send messages, launch any app and many more with just using your voice. Well, Siri is pretty much similar to Amazon Echo because it also understands you […]

How To Transfer Contacts From Your iPhone To Another iPhone

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Transferring contacts is very much crucial especially when you have bought a new iPhone and want to transfer contacts from your old iPhone to your newer iPhone device. Transferring contacts between your iPhone device is pretty much easy and simple and you can also use this tutorial to transfer contacts between your iPad and iPod […]