10 Lessons I learnt from a Cheating Partner which made me to Grow High & Big!

Vinay Goud

Hello, Everyone! It has been a long time that I wrote an article. Yes, it’s almost 20Months and Guess What? I’m back with a Bang. This time it is not any¬†article, but I am sharing my real life¬†Experience that happened last year in both personal and Professional life. Yes ! what you read in the […]

How to Mark As Read Unimportant Messages on your Whatsapp

Mark As Read, WhatsApp,

We always wanted this feature for our Whatsapp on which we want to mark some unwanted messages as read to put that number notification away. Now guess What? Whatsapp has added this feature for everybody convenience. Since, I have already mentioned above that this is the new feature which Whatsapp as introduced for us so […]

How to Make your Facebook Profile Picture non-clickable [Private Profile Picture]

Facebook Profile Picture, Facebook,

Do you want your profile picture to be non-clickable? Are you concerned about your privacy? Then answer of your query remains in this article and I am discussing it in details. You might have seen many users whose profile pictures are non-clickable means you cannot view them in full screen mode. Actually they have disabled […]

How to Embed Facebook Posts on your Blog [Increase Facebook Likes]

Embed Facebook Posts, Facebook,

Do you want to embed Facebook posts on your blog? If Yes, then today I am sharing a happening tutorial which is going to help you that how to embed Facebook Posts on your blog. There are many ways by which you can embed different post on your blog and now Facebook has also introduced […]

How to Add Multiple Users on Mac OS X

Add Multiple Users, Apple,

Are you many users who use Mac OS X and want to get separate account for yourselves? Then today I am sharing a guide for you which will help you to add multiple users on Mac OS X. Generally, Mac users more than two users and everybody wants to maintain his/her privacy. In that particular […]

How To Lock Screen Orientation On iPhone

screen orientation, iPhone,

The screen rotation is one of the most amazing feature in iPhone devices because it automatically adjusts the screen the way you are holding the device. But sometimes this feature really annoy you especially when you are using your iPhone in bed. Well, in iOS 6 and earlier, there was an option to lock screen […]

How to Sync iPhone and iPad with Windows 10

Sync iPhone, iPhone, Apple,

Have you got your important files divided on your PC and iPhone and you want to get them in one place? Then syncing would be a smarter choice. Today I am sharing a guide with you which will help you to sync iPhone and iPad with Windows 10. When our some files at one place […]