How to Play videos in Background on your iOS Device

iPhone is famous because of its multi-tasking features. And there are many which are yet to be explored. Among such features, today I am writing a tutorial which will help you to play videos in Background on your iOS device. You may come across in the need of this feature when you want to do […]

How To Add 3D Touch To Your Older iPhone

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have a very cool feature known as 3D touch. 3Dtouch allows you to do some quick actions right from the home screen. 3D touch is one of the most praised feature of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. If you don’t have an iPhone 6s or 6s […]

How To Make iOS 9 Faster

Many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users are now upgrading to the latest iOS 9. But mostly all the users who had installed the latest iOS on their devices are now facing performance issues. On the older iOS devices the latest iOS 9 have caused many performance problems like lagging, low response time, interaction choppiness. […]

How to Sort Notifications on your iPhone or iPad

Are your iPhone or iPad notifications messed up? Then today I am sharing a guide with you guys to sort notifications on your iPhone or iPad. I know that many iOS users want to sort or arrange their notifications on their convenient to approach and access them. The iOS devices let you sort your notifications […]

How To Put Your iPhone or iPod Touch To Recovery Mode

What if your iPhone or iPod Touch isn’t responding even when you connect it to iTunes. Or if you want to downgrade your iOS or in any sort of case you will need to put your iOS device in Recovery Mode. The process of putting your iPhone or iPod Touch to Recovery Mode is quite […]

How To Lock Screen Orientation On iPhone

The screen rotation is one of the most amazing feature in iPhone devices because it automatically adjusts the screen the way you are holding the device. But sometimes this feature really annoy you especially when you are using your iPhone in bed. Well, in iOS 6 and earlier, there was an option to lock screen […]