How to Create Friend Groups on your Apple Watch

Have you bought an Apple Watch and want to perform different tweaks with it?

Then Guess What!

I am sharing one of the most demanded tweaks of Apple Watch. This share will help you to create Friend Groups on your Apple Watch.

Yes, you read it right, you can create different Friend groups on your Apple watch that too without performing a complex procedure.

Apple watch, friends groups

By default, Apple shows you 12 contacts by tapping the side button, but you can tweak these contacts and create different groups for your Friends and family. You will create those groups from your iPhone Apple watch app, but ones they are created then they can be easily approached by pressing side button of your Apple watch.

Create Friend Groups on your Apple Watch

Here are the steps which you need to follow in order to create friend groups on your Apple watch. Now without taking your more time let me take you to the steps;

Here you go;

  • First of all, Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Now scroll down and tap on Friends.
  • After that you need to tap on Group Name at the bottom of the screen.
Apple watch


  • Now give a proper name to your Group.
  • Here you will have + button at the center of the screen, simply tap on + button.
  • Now you are required to find all the contacts which you want to add to that group. (You need press + all the time whenever you want to add new contact to the group until you reach the limit of 12 contacts).
  • Ones you have added the friends, it will automatically start appearing on your Apple Watch.

You can follow the similar steps for creating different friend groups.

Disable Contact Suggestion

Adding New Friend Groups on Apple Watch

Now in order to create a entirely new friend groups on your Apple Watch, you are required to follow the below steps which are explained only for you.

Here you go;

  • On your iPhone, Open the Apple Watch app.
  • You need to scroll down and tap on Friends.
  • Here, swipe to left and start a new group.
  • Now tap Group Name from the top of the screen.

Apple watch

  • Enter a name for the group; which suits your friends 😉
  • Tap on + button in order to add new contacts.
  • Now select the contact which you want to add, repeat the steps for adding every new contact.
  • This was it.

Accessing Friend Groups on Apple Watch

After editing the existing friend group and creating new group, you need to learn about accessing friend groups on your Apple watch.

Follow these steps;

  • On your Apple Watch, press the Side button
  • Now swipe to the left in order to switch between different groups.
  • Simply, tap the contact you wish to call or want to send a message.
  • You are done.

This was our tutorial which has made you learn to create Friend groups on your Apple watch. I am sure you guys have found it helpful and worth reading. If  you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend them in comment box. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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