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Did you ever receive blank or spam calls and sms from a very random number which you never know? Or a call from a number that is not stored in your contacts list and you wished there was a way to find out who is calling?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can find out the name and exact location of the person who is giving you those blank and spam calls? Oh yes! You heard me right.
Searching for a global number becomes easy with True caller.  Simply access the True caller app “Search” option and type in or copy the number you are searching . Looking up numbers is a free service.

About TrueCaller:

True Caller is a free app that can easily be installed in any mobile phone inspite of it being a normal phone which do not have a smart phone operating system. True Caller is a global directory containing millions of phone numbers and the names registered with those numbers.

How it Works on your Mobile:

Once true caller is installed on your phone, whenever you get a call from an unknown number, true caller automatically detects the name of that unknown number by searching it in its global database. True caller infact acts as a caller id for those numbers which are not listed in your address books.
In the above example as we can see, I get a call from an unknown number on my android phone and True Caller is able to find out the name of the caller and displays it on the screen. The only thing true caller needs is an active internet connection to the mobile phone.

Find Mobile Number Details Online

You can also search for the numbers in the true caller website which works effectively 24/7.One of the techniques used by true caller is that they have the option to enable something known as enhanced search, which allows it to upload all entries from your phone’s address book to their global database. Which makes the number into publicly searchable true caller database.

Remove your Number From Truecaller list

However if you want to protect privacy and want to unlist your number from the database, you can Unlist Here 

  • Select your Country and then Enter your Phone Number

True caller is a life saver for many people out there who receive numerous number of spam calls which disturb their peace.  True caller is truly of use. So get it as soon as possible and install on your mobile phones! This service is absolutely free of cost folks! So hurry up!

Alternative to Truecaller

Also look at the NumberCop app which is similar to the true caller app and also is more effective. The only limitation of NumberCop is that it is not free for some of the mobile services.

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