How to Enable AirDrop on iPhone, iPad and Mac

The AirDrop allows you to share files between your Apple devices, which includes, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. This is one of the awesome features as it lets you sync your files along your all idevices. Since, you can share your files across the radius of 30 feets between your devices. Since, the process is wireless, it syncs and shares like a Bluetooth feature.

Enable AirDrop. How to, Mac, iPhoneAirDrop requires Bluetooth and WiFi enabled to work perfectly for your devices. It allows you to share Photos, Videos, Contacts, Files and many other important stuffs. Since, now you are very much familiar with it’s work, but many of you might be unaware with the process of enabling it. Therefore, today I am going to make you learn that, “How to Enable AirDrop on iPhone, iPad and Mac?” So, that you can start sharing files.

Learn-How to Enable AirDrop on iPhone, iPad

So, now without wasting much of your time, I am going to make you learn that, “How to enable Airdrop on iPhone and iPad?” After that we will be teaching you about the enabling process of AirDrop on Mac. This is the short tip, and it consists some easy and simple steps which are needed to be followed. So, we would request you to go through the below easy steps to get the solution.

Note: Ensure that your iPhone, iPad and iPod is integrated on iOS 8 or above one

  • First of all make sure that you are logged in to your iCloud account, if you don’t have yet then create a new one
  • After that launch Control Center and for that you need to swap the screen from bottom to upward (Control Center contains Bluetooth, Notifications, WiFi and other options)
  • Now, from there turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi, if turned off
  • Afterwards, you need to tap on AirDrop
  • Ones, you have tapped on AirDrop, then you will have three options, one will be OFF option which will Off the AirDrop function, the second would be the Contacts Only option which means that only contacts can send you files on your devices and the third would be the Everyone option which means that everyone can send you files
  • Now, it is up to you that whether you select Contacts Only option or Everyone Option. Ones, you have Clicked on any of this option then it will be showing AirDrop: Contacts Only or AirDrop: Everyone in the control center

Learn-How to Enable Airdrop on Mac

After enabling AirDrop on iPhone and iPad, it is time to make you learn that, “How to Enable Airdrop on Mac? The process of enabling AirDrop on Mac is much easier than above one. You are supposed to follow the below mentioned steps:

Note: Ensure that your Mac is running on 10.7+, 10.8, 10.9 and above versions

  • First of all you are supposed to Open a Finder Window and then Choose AirDrop from Navigation menu
  • After that choose the options like; Contacts Only or Everyone according to your requirements. The details about the options are mentioned above
  • This was all about enabling AirDrop on your Mac. I am sure that these steps are pretty easy than above one. So, friends enable AirDrop and enjoy sharing.


This was another quick guide of ATT, which has taught you that, “How to Enable AirDrop on iPhone, iPad and Mac?” I am sure that your all queries related to this issue have been removed now. However, if you still have any kind of confusion or questions left then do let us know. So, that we could help you to resolve your issues and queries.

Finally, if you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share this with your friends and with other Apple devices holders. So, that they could learn to enable AirDrop on their iPhone, iPad and Mac. Since, it could be treat for your friend who is heading for such useful guide.

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  1. Air-drop can be a really useful feature in certain desperate times. Specially if you do not have internet connectivity readily available. Apple may be late to the party but at least its there elegantly.

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