How to Create Wifi Hotspot in Windows 7 and Windows 8 -Best ways

If you are one who looking to convert your PC as Wifi Hotspot then you are done.Here in this article We listed best 2 ways to convert your laptop as Wifi router.Once you turn you PC as WiFi router you can connect devices such as Android, another laptops etc.


Advantages of converting your laptop to a wifi router.

  • You can Enjoy internet in your wifi devices, any where you want but depend on your laptop wireless range.
  • Get rid of sitting at one place with wired internet connection.
  • If you have smart phone then you can get access to internet on your mobile.
There are numerous of method to turn your laptop a wifi spot (Windows 7 and 8 only),
Such as By command promote (only in windows 8) and by installing 3rd party software compatible with both.
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First Method-

You need to follow below steps care fully in order to make your laptop wifi router successfully.
Step.1: Open run (windows key+R), type ncpa.npl.
Step.2: A new window is in front of you. There select wireless Network adapter and sharing center and select properties.
Step.3: In wifi properties Select share, followed by Allow Others Network users to connect.
Note– Never Tick 2nd Option.
Step.4: Now Open Command Promote As administrative.
Step.5: Don’t worry by looking in below Command promote codes in picture, those are very simple.

             You need to copy and paste below command in command promote.
“netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”techbymak” key=”techbymak”


You will see SSid which is actually your network name, which we are going to create.
Step.6:Now you need to start the network By using below command.

“netsh wlan start hostednetwork”

Every thing is done. Now you can observe your laptop is working like a router.
Note:To check How many Devices Are connected to your router you need to enter below command in command promote.

“netsh wlan show hostednetwork”

This was the first method to make your laptop a router.

Second Method:

We are using a Software in this method to make laptop Wifi router, this method is compatible with both windows 7 and 8.The name of the software is Virtual Router.Download the software and install it.( once you downloaded it will come in zip format so extract it)When you have done all these make sure are connected to the network you want to share and then launch VirtualRouterPlus.exe.
Remember – Run the .Exe as administrative.

Let’s Create A Network.

  • In this method we are using Virtual router so it is essential to create a new network.
  • It is similar to 1st method, here SSid also means the name of the network which we are creating, you can enter what you want.
  • If you want you can enter Password, it is important to prevent others to use your internet service.
  • Now here you need to indicate which network is to be shared and then click on start Virtual Router.
I hope you guys like the article and feel useful for you .If you have any problem in above steps feel free to comment below we ill help you out.

The above article is taken reference from my friend ( Akshay ), who blogs ate Tech By Mak

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