10 Lessons I learnt from a Cheating Partner which made me to Grow High & Big!

Hello, Everyone! It has been a long time that I wrote an article. Yes, it’s almost 20Months and Guess What? I’m back with a Bang. This time it is not any article, but I am sharing my real life Experience that happened last year in both personal and Professional life.

Yes ! what you read in the title is absolutely true. I got cheated by a person both personally and Professionally  last year and that made me grow much better than what I was before.  What all had happened, happened for my good. How? Before getting into that, I would like to introduce myself.

Who Am I?

I am Vinay Goud, A blogger &  an Entrepreneur. I am from a lower middle-class family where my father is a daily wage lorry driver. I can say that Because of his Hard work and his sacrifice now I am here. From childhood, I used to study well so that it can fetch me a good job in BIG MNC with a good annual package. How I managed to change my family financial status completely just at the age of 20?

How Did I come to blogging?

It all started in my 2nd year of engineering! As we get a lot of free time ;), A guy from CIPL ( an MLM system) explained me about what blogging is and how it works. Later, with the help of one of my seniors and Ramesh Krishna I started my journey blogging. Later I started All Tech Tricks in the month of February 2013.

That’s a small information about me! So now I am getting into the main theme of this article, How I got Cheated & learnt Breathtaking lessons from it and then raised  more than 250k$ in 6 months.

Here we go..!!

I started it with this blog All Tech Tricks which was doing well. I used to work with a person, he is my senior ( I DONT WANT  TO TAKE HIS NAME &  DRAG THIS ISSUE, I am just sharing my experience so that others  will be careful with similar kind of persons). He said that the both of us will start a company.  So with lots of trust on him I never asked for the money I earned on the projects which we worked. The only thing I had that time is TRUST! I thought that the money which I have earned can be useful for the formation of Company & development of the company, so this was one of the main reason I never asked for money. In the Month of march, we registered a company, with me and that guy as founders ( 3 more friends as nominal founders). Seems everything to be fine till now but not actually. His Greediness has already started ! which I came to know in the end.

1. Don’t Believe a person  Who Says YOU WILL GET THE BEST!

This is the thing you need to remember, Never ever believe a person who Says you will get the Best! It is all  shit. They themselves do not know how to move forward & this kind of people just want to grab the knowledge from you, want to develop the company, earn money from it and they will leave you with shit at end of day! They will trap you by giving fake offers which you can’t refuse. Don’t fall for those traps.

godfather gif

2. Make Written Things Clearly, Ask for the Legal rights and Share.

Don’t trust anyone! When you are starting a company with some other  person make sure you know all the things according to LAW. When I started a company with that person I don’t know anything, I just signed on the papers where ever he asked me to :(. As one of the founder of company I need to get few documents  but I did not get any such papers !! Later I came to know  everything was planned with an intention to cheat me !!


Ask for Your Legal Rights

My Personal Experience: When I was working with a person he said me you will get 35% and remaining 65 % to him. I said it’s Ok because I am a kind of person who gives importance to relationships but not to Money! But that guy has always the intention of cheating me, he made my share as only 10% in documents which even I never knew till the end. He in words said me its 35% but written was only 10% :/. I was shattered and could not come out of the shock for several days. After working for 3 months and the kind of friendship I had, the kind of respect I had for him, Keeping aside the professional relationship, I always considered him as my own brother, and when someone so close to your heart, treats you like this, you badly get hurt and so was I. I anyway accepted to everything and came out of the issue on a positive note. Even today, I respect him. I appreciate his “business mind” and I truly wish I had one.

3. Keep The Family Away from your Business!

Yes, this is the most important thing you need to remember, do not try to involve with anyone’s personal and family issues. According to me this is the worse thing happened! Your partner parents & family don’t know what you do and they just claim themselves as they are the most intelligent & without them we don’t even survive.

Anyway, if your Partner is Good then you don’t need to face such issue’s but when your co-founder is also of same attitude then no one can do anything:3. So my sincere suggestion is to keep your family or your partner family away from your business.

Of course, that kind of people always throws stones at you! Just make sure you throw back at them and say right on their face what you are and How much efficient you are !!

4. Don’t Allow TALKERS AND LICKERS to Join the Team

These people are the one who are going to create the mess in the end. They don’t have knowledge on what you do & they just feel that they are most important & know everything, but not actually:3

If your Partner is a Kind of person who falls for false stories, then I would suggest you to end the business with him right now.

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5. Be Careful with a person who Pretends that he knows everything

If you feel that a person knows everything just believe only when he proves not when he says! In simple just don’t believe everything you saw or listen, try to find that the person is really genuine or Not & then decide to work together or NOT!

you know nothing

6. Avoid a Person Who believes Only GIRLS!

This seems to be funny, but it’s TRUE. Make sure your partner is having confidence towards You and don’t have much Lust on Girls. I saw many people they are much positive towards girls  & I don’t know what’s the reason they just believe what they say.

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7. Its Good to End the business with A Greedy Person

Greediness makes a person to do anything, if that greediness is towards Money & authority on Company then it’s good to end all your business activities with that person right today.

eating money

8. Don’t Feel Everything is Yours! Unless you Know What are your Rights!

Its Good to make things clear form day one you start. Ask for rights and have Mutual Understanding. If  you feel  that everything is yours! then you will be No where at the END.

9. Don’t Give your HARDWORK to some one else

This happened with me ! So I say never ever give your work credit’s to other’s. Specially if  you are one of the founders of company,  then take your credits or else it will be the biggest mistake you made.

if u are good at something gif

10. Pay On Time and Pay According to Work.

If a person works for you, He expects three things.

1. Appreciation

2. Pay on Time

3. Truthfulness

counting money

Please keep it in mind that you never ever ditch a person. If you do not have intentions to pay a person for the work he/she does, tell them before they start working. Never give false promises. You do not have any idea how you are wasting one’s valuable time.

That are few lessons I learnt from a Cheating Partner. I Would like to share More things, Facts & incidents happened with me so that others will be aware of them and wont fall for false promises and words. Anyway that’s My experience.

By the way  I would like to add few more things, Its not only me who got cheated. There are 3 more founders who also got cheated along with me :/. The sad thing is that they are not official partners, they just worked for the company on the word called TRUST! but the end even they shattered all their dreams.

Just remember one thing in life if you ever got down by a person it means they can’t win Over you! So there is no Word called he is your competitor 🙂 Just Move on Show what You are & what you can do !

If you succeed in cheating someone, don’t think that the person is a fool…Realize that the person trusted you much, more than you deserved…

My Advice for Everyone: Just Try to give importance to the relationship’s, develop trust and be a person like no one hates you and never ever be like greedy Person towards money!!

You can Earn Money even if you don’t have, but you don’t get the trust once if it’s lost. So think wise and act wisely 🙂


Vinay Goud

PS: I wrote this article just to share my experiences, hard work and how anyone can grow bigger in life. I do not intend to hurt anyone. I just shared the facts which do happen in the blogging world and how to beware and be careful. I thank each and every person who broke my trust. Guys! because of you all, I’m THIS today. Thank you very much. 🙂


  1. i know the person who cheated you.

  2. You are right bro happening with me also…

  3. Ravi Teja says:

    why you afraid use Imran uddin’s name publically we all know that cheater, he is shit he can’t do anything to you…

  4. Really an important lesson I got after reading your article.
    Go ahead bro.

  5. Divy Singh Rathore says:

    Yes, you said right ‘Don’t Believe a person Who Says YOU WILL GET THE BEST’. Because it shows that they are hiding something from you.

  6. Santhosh kumar says:

    I loved your team when all of you are united. Together you all guys were more powerful than now. But sad to hear that greediness shattered your relationships and team. And also I can understand that you are not completely sharing your experiences here. You might be hiding some incidents which will drag problems now.

    Anyhow you have learnt some good lessons. My best wishes for your future plans. Good luck,

  7. Inspiring !!

  8. Every one has a bad past, learn and move on ….:D

  9. Hello Vinay
    Just went through your story and found that I could learn a lot from it. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Moreover, I always prefer to work alone. So I have not faced such problems till now. I simply deny all partnership offer from less-trusted bloggers. And my suggestion to everybody out there is that never ever work in shadow of someone bigger than you. If you need partners then find a newbie and make him able to work with you.
    With regards
    Sanjeet Kashyap

  10. Awesome piece of information dude.
    Usually people are becoming greedy and selfish as they are achieving the success.
    It was a time when THAT buddy was asking for the help.
    Now I’ve got new account and send him a friend request. He is not accepting.
    Accepting is not a big deal.. Still the ego and attitude (over) comes to the picture.

  11. Lessons are Worth to Learn.
    Do not trust someone blindly. 🙂
    Thanks for Sharing your experiance vinay with us.
    best wishes for your career, All the Best. 🙂 (y)

  12. Hey Vinay Thanks for sharing your experience with us I love the way you wrote this article and you are totally right we should no blindly trust anyone and in a business together it is important to understand each other. 🙂

  13. but initiall you said some other persona teach you blogging ..

  14. Really… a great post bro… revealing the darker side..

  15. Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences bro, it was a real eye opener and a genuine piece of writing straight from the heart that I have seen in such a long time.
    Keep up the good work bro! 🙂

  16. Your experiences taught me a lesson. A best lesson for businessmen

  17. One thing wanna share from my side that i also started with CIPL corporate infocom.. back in 2011..i know how they trapped my money and my website. I earned money with HR but when you start focusing on your own business and website then these company backstabs you and eat your all money same happened with me..but today i can say who so ever is backstabed by CIPL is doing great now days in their life..:)

  18. This will be very helpful for bloggers . Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. *Right on your face you cheater*
    But seriously, they should realize that what they really did. I hope they show up and apologize to you. Best of luck man. 😀

  20. You said true bro.. i also faced same things 🙁

  21. This article just gave an answer that i was searching for weeks..thanks for sharing ur experience,be it a insane,not everyone does that…failure is different but cheating is failure of the trust as u said… (Y) keep up..

  22. Good luck….could I have u r email.

  23. Srinu Ipathy says:

    Just loved the 5th nd 6th points Vinay. Exactly what was happened. Everything happened for a reason.

  24. Srinu Ipathy says:

    Include 4 also in my above comment. 🙂

  25. Hi vinay, may God bless you and you will achieve more and more. The truth is somewhere is in your post. Nice share.

  26. Ashish Negi says:

    Hello Vinay,
    I am feeling dejected, after reading this. If anyone do something wrong with other, then s/he surely get that back along with interest.
    Well, i will only suggest that just forget all these things, treat it like a big lesson you learn by all this things in life.
    I wish for your bright future ahead….!!!


  27. You are also amazing also Hard worker, Maybe you are top 5 Adsense earner of India, But you are not sharing your secret strategies with us, BTW your life story is very impressive, You are proud of your family.

  28. I feel sorry for the the mishap, It’s great that you recovered and is still positive!

  29. Thanks for sharing this tips. I have gained from them. Nice write-up.

  30. Very good Article Vinay … 2nd and 9th points are super

  31. Awesome Post
    There is no words to express my happiness after reading this wonderful, marvelous post.
    Pin point answer. This is the first I am reading some interesting post. It’s like watching a movie.
    Not even one point is boring one.
    Wow! you made my day.

  32. (Y) all the best for your future 😉

  33. There is one thing i’ve learn from life’s experience.”Sometimes you need to get rob before you learn how to be strong and grow .The who get cheated don’t ended losers but more stronger and smarter.

  34. you wrote a n awesome articles for newbie blogger.

  35. Hi Vinay , thank you for posting this amazing incident in your professional life.
    Money is the root cause of all these bad situations , Money deletes love….trust….hope…and every good quality in a human being.
    So, Beaware of these money minded members to avoid these type of disasters in this money leading world.
    Atlast,Prosper in your blogging with all our(bloggers) wishes.
    Good Luck… 🙂

  36. i also faced this kind of problem few months back you are right vinay bro that it is better to be greedy in bussiness

  37. quite interesting ankit sir..
    thanks for sharing your experience ..

  38. Thanks Vinay, For speaking your heart out. This will defiantly going to help newbie like me. One thing only i know is whatever people do, keep doing your things, KARMA servers equal to all, as you know, Karma don’t have menu 🙂 Though, its better to be Aware then got cheated. Thanks again 🙂

  39. its great lesson for u and its great experience for us, But you are not sharing your secret strategies with us,

    anyway ur going to be top blogger in India

    All The Best Bro……..

  40. Very good we have to choose our partner carefully because some money minded person may do anything for money :/

  41. Hi Vinay,
    These points are really helpful for me i also started a business but somehow it ruined and literally some of these points were the reason.
    thanks for the article 🙂

  42. Hi Vinay, It’s happen in my Life also for some reason. I know it hurts lot but don’t give it up. Thumbs Up for #Blogging

  43. well vinay nice post about your experience… this will help others not to do the mistakes…
    thanks for the article..

  44. Hi Vinay Bro…
    Thank you for sharing your real life experience. We should aware of people when we want to work with them. I liked the point “Don’t give your hard work to someone else” . All are bullet points. More useful things to know from you. ATT is the first blog i’ve read and and You are the inspiration for me to start a blog,.. Congrats for your success…
    Hope you’ll get more success than earlier… Thanks.. 🙂

  45. Man i also got cheated by my senior…Then after i started my own blog and its going well..Your points n explaination makes me remind many thing ..Good1 bro

  46. i know who is that person.

  47. Kathula Yellesh says:

    super bro…… i want join in your company for learning tricks please tell your office address………………………………..
    Present i am 10th class but i lot of intrest in online money making and blogging i come you to meet in future……………definately….

  48. yes! Don’t believe Talkers. Talkers don’t know anything. They smash your life. Avoid them slowly. And also don’t trust people who impress you with their talk. There may any plan to take info. from you. That’s enough.

  49. Very very nice and true article written, there is no world to express the goodness of this post. This point is helpful for me. I am also going to start my business in next few months.
    Thanks for share this article.

  50. Raghava says:

    I know you bro.. I also know who that senior is … ……uddin v6 etv yuva 10tv do you got that

  51. Raghava says:


  52. After reading this , I really got afraid because the peoples about who you think is trustworthy. They break your trust. So i think paper work must be done in every business and should be done after reading every line in paper.

  53. Hello Vinay,
    You have just passed one of the toughest challenges in your life.What you did is NOT easy.It requires great courage and strength of mind and strong character.You’re so young and yet so wise.You will definitely go far in your life.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    My best wishes for you and your team members!

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