Rearm windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation to Extend Trial Version another 90 days(3 months)

Rearm windows 8 beta to extend for another 90 days:

Microsoft Officially launched its new Operating system Windows 8.Microsoft blocked all release preview,consumer preview and official keys.if you want to use windows 8 any more you have to Download windows 8 pro.
It is absolutely free once you downloaded trial version you can use it for 90 days.
but what to do after 90 days?

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Here in this article we teach you How to Extend trail version of windows 8 for another 90 days.
this can be done by rearm windows 8.rearm windows 8 is inbuilt feature of Microsoft which lets you to extend trail version for another 3 months(90 days) for free.
    You can Rearm for 3 times

How to Extend windows 8 trial version:

  • Now open COMMAND PROMPT(CMD) and Don’t forget to Run as Administartor.
  • Once Command Prompt Opens type following command

                            type this command: slmgr /rearm


  • when you type above command and hits enter a pop arises asking you start your pc.
  • Now click ok.
  • That’s it now can use your trial version for another 90 days for  free.

Some more Commands: 

  • Type command : slmgr /dli  to check current license
  • Type command:  slmgr /dlv to check detailed information about Current license type
  • Type command:  slmgr /xpr to check expiry date of current license.

When and How many times i can use Rearm:

  • we suggest you to rearm windows on 89th day so that you can get another 90 days so total ( 180 days)
  • You can use rearm for maximum of 3 times
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