Top 10 Best Live Wallpapers for Android

One of best features that android supports is live wallpapers.And i am sure that many android lovers are crazy about this live wall papers.Using live wallpapers on your android device make its active and impressive! i saw many people are looking for best live android live wallpapers.for them to make their work simpler we have listed the top 10 live android wallpapers with direct download links.just check and choose the best one for your smart phone.

This is one of best android live wallpaper It available in both paid and free versions.the most impressive part in this live wallpaper is it changes accordingly to weather what we adjust.
it will provide rainy day,winter night,silent drive, desert migration beach and many more!

2.Koi free live wallpaper:

If you are nature lover then you will love this wallpaper for sure.In this you can see koi fish always moving in water.the size of this wallpaper is 3,2 MB which is bit high then other but still it reasonable.

3.Photo wall live wallpaper:

This is one of cool wallpaper will allows you to set your photos as have options to select from photos form phone gallery,Facebook,Instagram, also allows you to add photo add the photos you are tagged in facebook.

4.Nexus revamped:

This is the wallpaper which is bit different form the will be helpful for sure.

5.Mushroom live wallapers:

This a perfect live wallpaper if you are nature lover.its easy to customize and install .you can change the speed of 3d moving objects easily.

6.Blue Skies live wallpaper:

You can have feeling of moving in sky between the clouds by using this live wallpaper.i loved it very much.i think you will love you this wallpaper for sure.

7.Sunrise free live wallpaper:

The name itself says that it you can have feeling of sunrise whenever you see this wallpaper.

8.Water drops live wallpaper:

water drops feels you are in beach every si aliquid can have pool of water on your phone by using this wallpaper

9.Bubble live wallpaper:

This is gaming wallpaper you can have fun by bursting water bubbles. Its easy to Customize theme.and start impressing your friends with this cool wallpaper

10.Luminiscent jungle live wallpaper:

Well out of 10 this is 3rd live wallpaper for nature lover.I am sure it’s one of best live wallpaper for your smartphone.

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