Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name [ location and Operator ] India

The Technology is playing really vital role in the development of human being and this world. One of the technological developments is mobile phone. The mobile phone can help you to communicate with your friends and relatives across the globe. Sometimes, this blessings could convert into a curse. There are many criminal activities that could be done using a mobile phone. Therefore, today we are sharing a guide which will make you learn to trace mobile number with owner name and address.

We are sure that after going through this guide you can easily easily trace mobile number and can get to the persons who is annoying you or threatening you. This tutorial is going to be really helpful for you guys to take a first steps in the matter of your self-defense. So, now without wasting your you may refer below steps

To Trace Mobile Number with Name Scroll Down to Post

1.Mobile telephone numbering in India:

  • Here in this we can see list of  of mobile numbers with location and telecom operator. all you need is to just search the list first four digits.
  • This process is bit confussing and takes some time.
  • click here to go to wikipedia page

2.Trace mobile number by online:

Here in this process you can trace mobile number by just entering  the number you want to trace in the search column click the below link to trace mobile number

3. Download mobile number locator software :

 When you download mobile number locator software you can trace mobile number from your mobile
download here: Mobile number locator
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Now Check below method to trace with name

Trace Name Using Mobile Number

To Trace Mobile Number with Name: Click Here( True Caller ) and ENTER THE NUMBER

  • Another Best Alternative for Truecaller is Fast2SMS tracker
  • You Can Trace Mobile number with Name upto 90% Correctly
  • You Can Download This APP on your Android Mobile
  • You can Download this app to your PC running Android Apps on PC

Download True caller for your Mobile Now:

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  1. how to install the software??? the zip file doesnt contain any exe file

    • well its a app for mobile if u download from mobile no installation is reqiured it just directly install on your mobile when you download it…

  2. How do i know the name of d person using that number???
    Is it possible??

  3. wonderful tricks.!! can you tell me the name of person… i send you the phone number as message to your facebook account.

  4. good article …!!1 🙂

  5. RITESH says:


  6. karthick says:

    Hi i need to know the current location and last received signal location of the following number 9994921921.
    Please am in need of urgent because my brother is missing.

  7. naurang singh says:

    how to trace mobile number customer name.

  8. k bhagyaraj says:

    What is the procedure to trace the number

  9. moinudeen says:

    i no that one mobile number, who as use this number

  10. tell me how to trace the any person with his name and address.

  11. hoe to i found the owner name of this no. 96102XXXXX
    please help me it is urgent……

  12. tell me how to trace the any person with his name and address

  13. mahipal singh says:

    i would like to know the information about the mobile number name address of the person who is using number.

    i have been trying this from last 3 month but i am not able to get the information about the person.

    and this most important for me as this basted is trying to harm my family life is there any one who can help me on this.

  14. Plz tellme how to find mobile number with exavt location.plz send me my number in whatsupp plz uts frm dubai plz

  15. plz tell me how to find exact address location

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